Artist Statement(s)

This is not abstract art. This is nature photography. Close-ups from the urban environment. Ambient Photography.

These are not paintings. There are no mountains, landscapes, deserts, seascapes, maps or satellite photos. All photos were taken in Manhattan and Brooklyn over the last fifteen years.

Searching at the intersection of man-made environment and nature - nature reclaiming the space appropriated by man.

(Re)discovering the psychedelic nature of reality. Notice the tiny, insignificant details that are part of the daily environment. Tune into the background noise your mind cancels out to become more efficient. Find universes hiding in plain sight everywhere.

The art of small things - things you have to get close to - bend or kneel down to observe, because small things require extra effort from the viewer.

Take the time to look around. Beauty hiding everywhere. Contemplating background noise.

Man-made objects slowly reverting back to organic states.

Time: All things must pass. Transience. Disintegration. Transformation. Slow decay.

"What is it?" is not the right question. What "it is" doesn't matter. What matters is what you see.

Decay Art / Garbage Dreamscapes.

{Metal, Rain, Time, Paint, Sun, Asphalt, Fire, Plaster, Oxydation, Glass, Oil, Water, Dust, Dirt, Concrete, Wood, Glue.}


Early photographs were taken with a Nikon F3 camera.

Later thotos were taken with a Bronica SQ-ai medium format camera, using Fuji Pro 400, 160C and 160S film.


Limited series giclee prints are produced on hand-coated paper. The paper used varies depending upon the picture. I currently use either Rives BFK (17"x22") or Japanese handmade kozo papers: Unryu, Kochi, Okawara, or Iyo (various sizes).

Soundtrack for a Blissed-Out-World